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FDA Menu Compliance Made Simple

April 25, 2018 Alyssa Ahrens

FDA Menu Compliance Made Simple

For the past few years, restaurants and retailers with in-store restaurants have been closely following an FDA requirement for caloric values to be displayed on their in-store menu boards.  After a few delays, the latest deadline of May 7, 2018 is approaching quickly and according to news outlets, it’s making restaurant owners worried (article 1 & article 2). For the establishments with digital menu boards, their stress is significantly less.  The power of digital comes through again; this time with its ability to ensure compliance with just a content update.

We knew this day was coming and unless there is a last-minute delay, this deadline looks to finally be coming to fruition.  Some of our menu board clients have already converted to displaying caloric values and some others are just wrapping up their conversions to ensure compliance.  Others, who have considered the conversion to digital, but have not yet integrated, are frantically trying to update static menu boards at a substantial cost and labor-intensive process.
Once the May 7th deadline passes, and enforcement begins, digital boards will continue to flex their muscles as a superior form of displaying menus.  With recipes and items changing, prices fluctuating, and the ever-present need to have a fresh-looking menu, digital boards allow the heavy lifting to be completed with just a few keystrokes.  Caloric values can be linked to a database or other information source to automatically update as recipes change.  Keeping your stores current and compliant should be one of your top priorities and our team here at Freshwater Digital can help.
We offer several products, including our FreshSign program (starting at $120/month), that can be a simple entry in the digital menu board world.  We also offer custom solutions that will work perfectly for any need and budget.


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