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August 26, 2016

Supercharged Batteries: The Perks of WiFi and Bluetooth Batteries

Batteries aren’t what they used to be…well, some aren’t. In our last post, we talked about the future of wireless charging (it’s now, by the way). Now, we want to talk about the emergence of wifi and Bluetooth batteries. Over the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to test out a couple different technologies integrated in and with traditional batteries. While some proved to be a little quirky, others could provide awesome benefits to the users.

They Talk To You…

In researching Wi-Fi batteries, you’d probably come across the Roost 9V battery. It’s basically a 9V battery on steroids. It’s got the juice of a 9V battery plus brains…allowing it to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Its main use is in smoke detectors. When connected and installed, it informs you not only of low batteries (eliminating that annoying chirp in the middle of the night) but also if there’s an alarm, it allows you to silence the alarm or call the authorities. I see this technology expanding into other types of batteries in the future, outside of the world of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

They Send Signals…

Bluetooth batteries also provide a wireless option with “smart” features for your smartphone or tablet. We tested out a product called Tethercell. It allows you to take a AAA battery, place it in a special sleeve and convert it to a AA battery, which now comes with a Bluetooth transmitter. Download the app, and the batteries will connect, via Bluetooth, to your phone or tablet. Now, you can turn the device on and off via the app, and you only need one battery per device. Pretty cool technology, even though the app was clunky and quirky.

And More

We also found Bluetooth batteries by DeWALT and Black & Decker. These batteries once again connect to your phone or tablet via an app and allow you to do a variety of handy tasks. These tasks include: receive alerts on battery status, connect and control the battery, check battery diagnostics, identify an address where the battery was last connected, and even disable the battery if it exceeds the Bluetooth range. The Black & Decker 20V battery charger even features a USB port where you can turn it into a mobile power station.

All in all, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth batteries are truly smart and add additional benefit to the user. I see these becoming more and more popular as battery life expands and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth become increasingly more reliable. This will allow us to become even more connected to our devices in and outside of the home.

-Tim Bennink

Director – Business Development

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