December 7, 2015

Consistent Branding with Digital Signage

Maintaining a consistent branded look and branding message across all of a company’s marketing efforts is a difficult but extremely important task.  Brands are used to create emotions and positive associations in the minds of their customers.  The best brands create and cultivate these connections by maintaining strict control over every message that their company disseminates.  Digital signage can be a powerful tool in a company’s branding arsenal, but like all other efforts, it needs to be done in a thoughtful and consistent manner.

The most effective brands are easily recognizable through simple imagery and the emotions and feelings they look to inspire in their customers are easily detected.  Companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike can attribute a great deal of their success to their superior branding efforts.  All of those brands, and the emotions connected to them, are quickly discerned by consumers by nothing more than a logo, an audio cue, a slogan or even a simple mix of colors.  Those associations don’t happen without consistent messaging and judicious brand control.

Video is a great vehicle for marketing messages and digital signage is just one of the newest forms it has taken.  Digital signage has the potential to engage the consumer in an interactive and more meaningful way than traditional static signs.  Creating a vibrant digital signage channel requires a significant amount of work and forethought and the scope of those tasks can often lead to messages that inevitably stray from the brand.  In a quest to keep their digital signage channel fresh and non-repetitive, companies can easily lose sight of their overall branding goals.

The content on your digital signage channel should always be recognizable as belonging to your brand.  Your fonts, colors, images, music, and emotional tones should all reflect the established brand guidelines and they should fit seamlessly with all the other marketing mediums.  The tenor and visuals of your channel should match everything else that your company is currently putting forth.  Digital signage should not be considered a unique exception to your marketing efforts, it should be considered an equal and consistent part of the whole.

Your digital signage content should match who you are and it should match the emotion that your customers have towards your brand.  For example, a Jeep dealership might show video of rugged, outdoor sporting activities.  A teen clothing store might show pop music videos.  A sports bar would probably want to show updated sports score information.  Whatever your company sells, your digital signage channel should reflect the attitudes of the customers you’re trying to attract.

Digital signage is a relatively new tool for companies to use for marketing themselves.  The novelty of this medium means that there’s still much to learn.  Freshwater Digital has both the technical expertise and the branding savvy to help you create a consistent and impactful message for your customers.  Contact us to learn how we can help you use digital signage to bring your brand to life.

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Jason Batts, Motion Graphic Designer

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