November 19, 2015

Design a Communication, Capture a Moment

Whatever you’re trying to communicate is made much more effective with design and planning. What does that mean for you? Let’s break it down.

The task of design is really one of problem solving with a touch of artistic interpretation. Designers come in many shapes and forms: video, audio, graphics, experience, interactive, industrial, often a combination, and the list goes on. Sourcing the appropriate specialist for what you’re trying to accomplish is key to success.

One of the key principles of design, simplicity, is proving to be all that more useful in our digitally-connected, information-overloaded age.

It may seem counterintuitive to put less on-screen when you’re trying to convey so much more, but hear me out. Invest in a solid design, and a solid plan for integration into other media, and you’ll see a snowball effect to your communication and for your business. Keep that design and it’s elements consistent across all your mediums, digital, print, packaging, signs, and spread it out across the interconnect media: TV, radio, digital signage, billboards, mobile devices, web banners and print.

Working in digital signage, we’ve found each deployment is unique and simplicity is the common thread among all of them. Your audience could be moving, the screens sizes range from a couple inches up to the size of a billboard, and sometimes they’re in unusual shapes or resolutions. Then you have to look at your audience and the content for that audience. What’s going to capture a moment in their day? Keep that question in mind and you’re on the way to a communication that captures a moment.

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Donavon Shellenbarger, Production Manager

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