November 29, 2017

Digital Menu Boards Advantages Over Print

Digital Menu Boards

FWD had another successful year in 2017, especially in regards to digital menu boards. We’ve designed and installed digital displays in multiple local restaurants and fortune 500 companies. The most significant advantages, among others, is the ability to change advertisements and menu options at any time, anywhere.


Calories, Prices, and Items

Calories are essential facts for consumers to make educated decisions about their food choices. However, calories can be difficult to manage from a business standpoint. If your company changes the recipe, by even changing one ingredient, you’ll have to update your menu’s to the new calorie count. Having to wait for editing files, approvals, print production times, deliveries, and installation can easily become overwhelming. This could ultimately impact a business’s decision to keep menu items regardless of customer feedback and sales.

Pricing can be changed with digital menu boards live at any time. This can be custom managed for businesses with multiple locations down to a single store or across a specific market.

Items can be updated live at any time. Having a dynamic menu can be more engaging for customers and allow for seasonality changes. Additionally, items can be removed if your stock runs out on a particular item or ingredient.


Specials and promotions are often missed on menu boards that utilize traditional print displays. Digital menu boards allow you to have a specific menu item or sale price at certain times. For instance, the sandwich special can be featured for $1.00 off from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. and a dinner special can be featured from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. This opportunity is a game changer for restaurants and businesses.


Having those mentioned opportunities can drastically impact your business in a positive way. Another aspect that’s typically overlooked is the ability to correct errors. Mistakes happen… and on print they’re permanent. Having the tools to remove an error on the menu from anywhere and at any time through cloud-based CMS’s provides you with a reassurance that proves its value over and over.

 How it Works

FWD takes pride in being hardware and software agnostic. This allows us to utilize the best cloud-based CMS and hardware for each client and application. FWD or the client design the menus with the necessary fields for calories, pricing, and ingredients. After the menus are installed the content is managed either by FWD or the client through a cloud-based CMS. Each user is given a specific login to change either their location or all locations at the corporate level. After the menus are live, users can log in from any device that can access the internet to quickly changes images, prices, features, calories, etc.

FWD makes it simple and seamless for our clients. Visit your local restaurants and retailers across the country to see what FWD has recently been involved with.

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