January 27, 2016

Digital Signage in Retail: The Right Bucket

The Digital Signage Buckets

If you are a retailer working with digital signage, chances are you fall into one of the following buckets (or category of users) when it comes to the technology you are using:

  • Want it, but don’t have it.
  • Have it, but don’t know how to best utilize it.
  • Had it, but couldn’t find a way to justify its expense.
  • Have it and love it.

If you are in the right bucket, your digital signage network will work for you and help drives sales and awareness.

Unfortunately, many retailers and other end users find themselves in the wrong bucket.  The goal here is to help you find your way into the right bucket in order to best help your business.

I’ve had the privilege of working in retail leadership for 16+ years, both store side and at corporate.  Those retailers included Sears, Target and most recently Meijer, where I was responsible for their Digital Signage programs for five years. I watched digital signage grow and expand exponentially over those years.  I’ve even been fortunate to sit on DSE’s End-User Advisory Board for the past 2+ years.  Four months ago, I jumped head first into the digital signage industry by joining the team here, at Freshwater Digital.

Jump In

So, if you are in the wrong bucket right now and want to build a successful network at your location(s), there are some basic steps that you can take to begin that process.

  1. Network Strategy- What do you want your network to accomplish? Are you trying to Educate, Entertain, Inform or Inspire?  Obviously, it can be a combination of any of these as well. But start thinking about what you are trying to do.
  2. Resources- What equipment and partners do you need to engage to help you build or potentially update your network?  You will need to have step one determined to effectively take step 2.
  3. Content Strategy-Very closely related to your network strategy is your content strategy (which we’ve talked about before). What are you trying to communicate to your viewers? Finding the right partner for content could make or break your network.
  4. Network Support- How are you going to support your network?  Face it, it’s technology and sometimes it fails.  How do you plan on building a support plan to minimize downtime?
  5. Budget- Lastly, you will need to effectively build a budget along with determining your success criteria (ROI/ROO).  This will allow you to truly measure the success of your network and quite possibly justify additional network deployments.

Following these steps and answering these questions should get you started on your quest to having a great network that is working for you.

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Tim Bennink, Account Director

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