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Digital Content

The most beautiful screen in the world is useless without quality content.

Freshwater Digital provides full video production and motion graphic services including concept development, production, and post-production. The possibilities are unlimited with access to our own video production studio and equipment.

Our team can write, produce, and edit a finished product that fits your network objectives.

About Brooklyn
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Creative Services

Our creative team produces custom videos and templates for
corporate messaging, broadcast spots, interactive
touch screen experiences, digital menu boards,
animated artwork, and more.
Paper doesn’t allow us to show our digital content in all
of it’s glory (yet), so check out our portfolio online.

Our Work
Our Work

What are Dynamic Templates?

Dynamic templates provide access to a library of content that allows for customizable messages. This ensures quick and easy communication across your digital signage in real time. You can build custom templates seasonal messages, special events, holidays or corporate announcements- all editable without any technical know how. Dynamic templates increase your content effectiveness and lower your costs.

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