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Digital Tags are the new alternative to traditional print labels & signage.

Digital tags use e-ink technology to offer the flexibility of real time, responsive, fully controllable, and customizable content- without the hassle of a single cable!

Integrate with any database or website to automate and schedule updates in real time. Keep your customers informed with accurate product information, pricing, and more.

View digital tags in your own space.

Augmented Reality Viewer (AR)

View a digital tag in your own space on your mobile device! Tap on the AR Display icon, give it a moment to load, and follow the on screen instructions. Place the tag on a surface to see how they fit into your environment.

Options & Features

  • Frame, ink, and LED light color
  • Configurable NFC
  • Up to 4 pages of preloaded content
  • Display locks
  • Protective case
  • Mounting configurations

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