February 27, 2017

Effective Content Creation on a Modest Budget

The cost of creating and managing content can become onerous, particularly for small teams with limited resources. What are your secrets for effective content creation on a modest budget?

This is a phenomenal question and Freshwater Digital is happy to provide guidance on easing the potential burden of content management with minimal labor.
Project Management
First and foremost, content management is based on the ability to stay seamlessly organized with a predetermined process. This boils down to a strong relationship with clients, a proper foundation, and a smooth delivery of expectations. An essential tool is a well-integrated project management system. This allows the team to take the properly communicated project with the client and place it into a well-organized system. The project needs to be organized by team members needed, project timelines, due dates, and available assets.
Content Creation
After the foundation is set, the team can begin creating the video. Next, finding content or commercial use assets online through subscription services are key. Find the websites and databases that work best for your team and clients and utilize them to the best of your ability. After an approved storyboard or rough idea is in place the team can begin creating the video with the assets provided and sourced online. These strategies save on valuable labor for creation time. Depending on the length of the contract or overall project, videos with structured elements that act as templates can be utilized. If similar themed content is created, templates can save precious labor for future and ongoing content. 
After the foundation and each video is created it boils down to proper communications between the client and the content providers. Each piece of content should be shared through a private website for reviews. Comments should be open to anyone receiving the link to choose where and what needs to be edited. This allows content creators and clients to communicate transparently on the content and deliver the expectations of both parties. After that, the approved content should be scheduled into the CMS. 
Each client and project should be properly organized in Gantt charts. This allows the account management and project management teams to help guarantee content delivery and allow transparency of what was delivered based on the scope of work. The Gantt charts can also be utilized to help look back on previous videos and repurpose work or templates that have already been in place for that client. The Gantt chart and project management tool can also be utilized to track hours and continuously find more efficiencies moving forward. 
Create brief with all available information and assets – Upload and organize the team in the project management tool – Create storyboard/rough draft – Find additional assets through available databases – Deliver video online – Complete revisions – Schedule/Organize in CMS – Organize in Gantt Charts
Overall, it’s the process that’s in place which sets efficient teams apart. With smooth communications, a well-integrated project management tool, and a dedicated team of content creators, a small team can maximize their available labor to ultimately deliver quality content to their clients. 
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