October 18, 2016

FreshSign Is Your All-Inclusive Digital Signage Solution

Last week, Freshwater Digital launched a new, full turnkey program called FreshSign which consists of everything you need to start a digital signage program for only $125 per month.  This program includes the screen, mount, installation, software, content, content management, and customer support.  These screens can be used for everything from digital menu boards for restaurants to welcome screens for retailers to digital directories for offices.

We are proud that we are able to offer such a comprehensive program for only $125 per month.  That is very affordable for most any business.  But when you break it down even further, it just makes more sense.  $125/month equals $4.11 per day.  By using the efficiency of digital screens and the power of sight, sound and motion to your point of purchase marketing efforts to assist in sales, it doesn’t take long to see that the break-even point for this program is very attainable.  A couple extra desserts, an unexpected gift card sale or an unplanned service purchase is all it takes to make these screens pay for themselves and more.

Unlike many other “turnkey” solutions that require you to purchase the screen yourself, or that don’t include installation or even (more importantly) content, FreshSign is an all-inclusive solution for digital signage.  $125 per month will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to operate your network for three years.  If anything goes wrong with the equipment or if you need any assistance, it’s covered.  Period.

Isn’t it about time you seriously consider putting digital to work for you?  It will only cost you a little over four bucks a day to see for yourself.  Visit our website at fwdigital.net/freshsign to learn more.

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