October 28, 2016

The FreshSign Philosophy: A Turnkey Solution is Born

One of my favorite sayings is from the Greek philosopher, Aristotle (and also part of the Gestalt psychology theory):

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

I have always loved this because it sums up so many of the basic lessons in life like the importance of cooperation and the value of partnerships. I suppose it was partly with this concept in mind that Freshwater Digital came up with the idea of a true turnkey digital signage solution.

Several months ago, I was having a discussion with some of my senior staff about how we could reduce the barriers to entry for companies who could benefit from the power of digital. A couple of those barriers are cost and lack of education. We knew that several companies in the industry advertise turnkey digital signage, but it seemed to us that they were all lacking at least one part of the equation. Some offered everything but the equipment.  Some lack content and content management services and most rely on the client to arrange or fund the installation and after the sale service.

With this in mind, we began to assemble a solution that we now refer to as FreshSign.  The concept is simple; offer everything a potential client needs to enter into the world of digital signage in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to afford. FreshSign includes a commercial-grade screen (in a range of sizes), an industrial mount, professional installation, a robust, web-based, full featured content management software, an ever-growing variety of customizable content, full content management service, and friendly customer service support. And the best part – all this for no upfront cost and a low, monthly fee ranging from $120 per month for a 43” screen, $125 per month for a 49” screen to $140 per month for a 55” screen. Everything included.

In order to make this a solution that really works, Freshwater partnered with leaders in the industry. This gave us the benefit of trusted names, top-notch reliability and service, and the ability to truly provide a world-class solution.  We are proud to have been able to partner with trusted companies like LG, Peerless, Gauddi, Snap Installation and Ingram Micro. These companies share in our passion for digital signage and were excited to partner with Freshwater to build this offering that has the potential to change the shape of the industry.

-Matt Downey, President

For more information regarding FreshSign, please visit www.fwdigital.net/freshsign.



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