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October 10, 2016

Freshwater Introduces FreshSign: A Simple Digital Signage Solution

When Freshwater Digital began operations almost 7 years ago, our primary offering was digital signage content and content management.  We worked both with clients running existing networks and those interested in starting from scratch. They all needed assistance in creating dynamic content that would educate, inform, inspire, and entertain viewers. As our business expanded we found that customers also needed assistance in network strategy, architecture and overall management. We evolved by expanding our services to include network consulting, equipment sourcing, installation assistance and customer support.


As it relates to retail, we know that nearly 76% of all shopping decisions are made once the customer is in the point of purchase. We also know that 63% of consumers expect technology to play a role in their shopping experience. These stats show there is a major opportunity to influence purchasing decisions with the right messaging, and digital signage is the perfect tool.  Beyond that, we also know that the ability to convey the right message at the right time is important for all businesses.


Many small to medium size businesses looking to incorporate digital signage into their marketing or communication tool belt do not have the time, expertise, or capital to invest in this technology.  Clients are increasingly looking for a digital signage partner who can provide all of the necessary components having to spend their valuable time researching it themselves.


Freshwater Digital has worked hard to optimize our approach in providing the best solutions to our clients. We feel we have found the most efficient way to bring a commercial grade system to everyone…we call it FreshSign.

FreshSign takes all of the guesswork out of starting your own network and offers a full packaged solution that includes a commercial grade 1080p LED screen, industrial mount, professional installation, full featured software, customizable content, content management support and personal customer support. This packaged solution is available for $125 a month.

The digital signage industry has done a great job of developing some great technologies, but it can be difficult for end users to determine what makes sense for them. More and more customers want solutions that can be easily purchased and that just works…well. This is the perfect time to introduce FreshSign – our turnkey solution for digital signage.

Whether you need an attention-grabbing menu board, an engaging screen that also entertains, a better way to deliver your message and capture customers, or a great tool to communicate with your employees, FreshSign is the answer.  Simple.

Start by learning how your small business can harness the power of digital by visiting the FreshSign website.







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