August 10, 2017

HR/Internal Communications & Digital Signage

Digital signage is growing in popularity as a medium to connect businesses with their customers. This is especially true with entrance screens and menu boards for informing customers of current promotions, news, and general information. The medium that can be overlooked is its strength in internal communications.

Internal Communications

Internal Communications can loosely be defined as, effective communication within an organization to all employees and stakeholders. The practice varies significantly from business to business by the number of employees, industry, and locations. However, the objective remains consistent, to inform and engage employees within an organization.


Strategy, as in most business practices, is essential to the outcome. How organizations communicate to their employees and stakeholders becomes increasingly important as they grow. When your organization reaches significant growth in the number of employees and locations, the need for strong internal communications becomes vital to the success of the organization. The topics that can be shared with internal communications continue to grow. Here’s a list of a few most common areas of interest.

  • Event information (lunches, celebrations, birthdays, etc.)
  • HR information (benefits, onboarding, training, policies, etc.)
  • Initiatives (new policies, employee recognition, health tips)
  • Business/Financial (financial status, changes in business)
  • Marketing (external marketing efforts)

These strategies can vary significantly depending on the industry, but one thing remains constant – the goal to enhance employee satisfaction through transparency and proper communications.

Internal communication mediums –

  • Email
  • Flyers / Newsletters
  • Memos
  • Meetings
  • Messaging software (Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype)
  • Digital Signage

Content, as with all mediums, remains and always will remain the most vital aspect. Without timely and eye catching content the message will fall short, regardless of the medium.

Digital signage is one of the most efficient and timely ways to communicate within an organization. When used alongside other forms of communication; emails, memos, meetings, etc. – the message will more likely be noticed by variance and repetition.

Here are some tips and tricks to enhancing your digital signage for internal communications.


Place at least one large screen or video wall within the lobby or main entrance of your building or buildings. This screen will engage the majority of the employees as they enter and exit the building. You will also reach any partners or vendors who are visiting for meetings, which you can take into consideration with your content strategy. Additionally, place screens anywhere employees tend to meet for longer formed messaging. This will allow more time for the employee to engage with the content.


Videos engage people far more than PowerPoint slides or stills when it comes to digital signage. Videos can utilize bright colors, transitions, and large rotating messages to help drive the information.

Up to date

All content should remain up to date. A significant benefit of digital signage is to control online exactly when and where your content will play. This way the event that you’re bringing awareness to isn’t still being shown past the day and time of the event.


Keeping the content fresh is vital to digital signage. Old content that has played for an extended period of time will become stale. Having stale content severely impacts the awareness and engagement you’ll have with employees.


Use your digital signage to constantly interact with employees through videos with a desired action. The action could be anything from sending in your pictures from the company outing to giveaways and trivia.


Utilize this medium to inform employees of the latest business information. Typically the PR team can take advantage of changes or events that are being shared with the media to also inform everyone internally.

User Generated Content

Engaging with employees can help grow the popularity of the company from employees and even the digital signage itself. Create interesting opportunities for all employees to share content or interact with the screens – even through social media. 

Decompression content

One of the most overlooked areas of content are decompression forms of content. This entails any form of content that isn’t pushing a message to your employees. A break from their meetings or a hectic day to show beautiful imagery of the world, interesting facts, famous quotes, etc. can make a significant difference in the everyone’s day and the overall company culture.

Content Management

Have a dedicated agency or internal team to manage the abundance of internal communication messaging. Controlling how often, when, and where all the previous topics are shared is a strategy in itself. Dedicate the proper amount of time and budget to control the playlist and ensure the medium is well managed.

These tips and tricks can help separate your IC efforts from competitors. A majority of potential candidates will ask or research their potential employers’ internal communications efforts prior to applying or accepting a position. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help attract and retain the best and brightest.

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