interactive digital signage
October 21, 2015

Interactive Digital Signage

The role of the sign has been redefined pretty recently in its history. It doesn’t have to be a stagnate print placed in a single spot hoping to give a message. With interactive digital signage, advertisers are able to connect with viewers through displays which give far more opportunities for direct engagement. Interactive signs have paired together information and real-time commands, bridging the gap between the messenger and the audience.

digital signage interactive touchscreen

Mobile and touchscreen tech has made a whole new style of communication beyond still image and text. There can be a conversational relationship with the viewers through the ability to approach, receive, and respond. The display’s role could be to simply create a non-invasive ambient display or a highly specific message. Touchscreens give users immediate control to change the information they see at their own pace.

Smartphone controlled displays also accessed through an app, qr code, or website. Some displays even use motion, sound, or even color to control the message. Data content, consumer data, and other data can also be applied. This information can be used for reacting and adjusting to situations to create an individualized experience.

Interactive signage

These displays give marketers a precise idea of how their users experience their message and what their preferences are. They can then build a better relationship with their audience and tailor them. This will help deliver the most relevant and engaging information.

With so much outside competition for the viewer’s attention, it can be tough to hold onto someone’s focus. Interactive signage gives an opportunity for an impressionable experience and message. The audience is given the freedom to control the material they are given, and the advertiser has more freedom of how they want to deliver that material.

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Margaret Schiefer, Motion Graphics Producer

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