June 25, 2018

Leverage Digital Signage Content

We were recently asked a question for the industry regarding content – “What can creative agencies and content producers do to deliver better solutions to end users who leverage digital signage?”

Agencies, production houses, and creative freelance bohemians (as my insurance agent calls them) all exist because really good creative strategy is hard to pull off. The best producers are well organized and consider all channels of content delivery. If you know your client, you know how they leverage some or all of these channels. Video for broadcast, ads for social media, endless print options, websites, and yes, digital signage each have their own caveats that we as the creators must consider.

Creating content for digital signage should focus on increasing dwell time for your target viewer. Whether it is a digital menu at a restaurant or an interactive screen at a professional conference, the content should be captivating and prompt a second, longer look by passersby. The call to action and/or message should be very apparent. This isn’t a new concept in the world of advertising, but digital signage is a newer medium that more and more people are leveraging. End users that already utilize this medium most likely already employ other media channels, so having the ability to use and make content that can be re-purposed across all of those channels is key. If you are creating content for one medium, one of the best values added is providing additional formats of that content for the end user to use as a part of their campaign effort. Your clients will love you for it.

Jason Ferguson, Creative Director

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