November 16, 2016

Local Content on Large-Scale Networks

What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?

Localizing content is a critical goal for many of our clients. Needs can range from a retailer that wants to offer store specific deals, to a restaurant that needs to feature caloric values around a specific chicken recipe, or a client that wants to reinforce a sense of community when one of their customers enters a store.  Because there are many different localized strategies, the approach changes based on the specific need.  Here are a few recommendations for achieving a localized approach based on the customer’s specific goal.

Local Special Management: If the network is being managed at a local level, then managing featured deals specific to a location can be achieved.  However, many clients have trouble meeting quality standards as auditing a network ran by many can be very tricky.  In many cases, we like to create dynamic templates or dynamic elements that can reach out to a single database to grab videos, photos, descriptions, pricing, or any other content element applicable to the client.  This automates the network management process and relies only on an updated database.  In some cases, the database can be an e-commerce website or an advertisement that is already managed eliminating the need for additional resources.

Calorie and Pricing Management: Managing content of this nature, for more than a single location, requires a central database and programming that accesses this database via an application programming interface (API).  Incorrect pricing can cost a business real money, and caloric values (in some cases) need to meet FDA requirements.

Community Content: Local is very important to customers, and reinforcing your ties to the community can help build a stronger connection with your customers.  However, managing local can be difficult.  To do this well, it is important to provide a mix of content that helps make that connection without overloading your available resources.  It becomes a fine line.  Here are some techniques that work well:

  •      Utilize on-site staff to update a personal message through the CMS.
  •      Use locally syndicated content through third party providers. Screenfeed does a nice job of providing zip-code-based content like weather, local events, community calendar, news, etc. These services do the heavy lifting, but it is as easy as scheduling a single piece of content.
  •      Curate social media content around your location, brand, or topics relevant to your business.

Successful localized content is much more than just content on a screen. The approach requires a solid content strategy, great design and development, and someone dedicated to scheduling, managing and auditing the output.  Freshwater has built a best-in-class team dedicated to achieving any of our client’s goals.  

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