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Amway is a multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products, and is a world-renowned brand name. Being one of our long-time customers, our team was able to provide a solution for one of their ABO retail stores located at their California business center.


The Amway team was looking for a new and innovative way to manage inventory and pricing within their retails tore. As the digital tag technology was developed specifically for the retail space, our team was able to bring them a surefire solution to help improve their inventory and pricing processes. Amway had a realization that making their retail stores into digital assets would be the best practice moving forward.


Freshwater provided a retail test solution that integrated the digital tags with their existing POS system. All of the paper labels and signage on the shelves within the store were replaced by the digital tags, giving their team the ability to automate their pricing and inventory management. The POS system automatically pushes any updates and info to the tags that are needed, providing pricing, special offers, promotions, and more. This solution replaced an outdated system and process of utilizing paper signage and labels, which saved both time and money for the Amway store employees.

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The results have given the Amway team a seamless pricing and inventory management solution that can be rolled out for all of their retail brands throughout the world.