Donaldson Plastic Surgery | Freshwater Digital


Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions is a high-end medical provider located in Dublin, OH. The doctors and their dedicated team at Donaldson strive to bring the best experience to their patients through the services they provide, along with their welcoming office environment. One example of this is providing their patients with a professional product gallery and storefront that exists within the main office location.  


Having a storefront to go along with their already aesthetically pleasing office space, Donaldson’s staff wanted to keep the theme alive by giving their patients an enhanced experience when shopping for their favorite products. Managing a retail store while also dealing with the day-to-day medical procedures and services was challenging to keep up with. From changing prices to updating product availability, it became too much to manage with standard paper signage. 


By implementing digital tags within their retail space, Freshwater was able to set the Donaldson team up for success, giving them the ability to display real-time, accurate product pricing and information for their patients and staff altogether. This digital solution allows for fast and easy price changes on the fly, which frees up a lot more time for the team to focus on their patients and services. 

Outlook – Testimonial

“With prices changing on our retail products so frequently, we were struggling to find a solution that would help us make these changes quickly. The investment of the tags is well worth the ease of changing pricing as needed. These e-tags have also made our retail area much more shoppable for our patients. They were easy to install and look great!” – Jill Hawkins, Aesthetic Experience Director