JTI (Japan Tobacco International) is a global tobacco and vaping company known for making some of the best known brands, including Winston, Mevius, Camel, and LD. Recently, JTI moved into their brand new U.S. Corporate Headquarters in Teaneck, NJ. To further enhance the existing modern offices, the JTI team sought to bring a digital aspect to the new space as well. More specifically, the HR department wanted to find a better way to keep employees, clients, and visitors informed throughout their new offices.


Knowing that they built this new facility with expansion in mind, the JTI team realized that they needed a better way to help guide new and existing employees with their transition into the new office space. In addition to that, they also knew that their new space would be unfamiliar to clients and visitors, so being able to provide accurate information on their staff at all times was important.


By implementing digital tags outside of each individual executive office and even within individual cubicles, it has given their team the opportunity to display vital information for all of their employees, such as Employee Name, Job Title, personal messages from employees. In addition, the tags also provide way-finding information with room numbers. This digital solution allows for anyone who enters the building to be fully aware of where they are and who they are working with. Furthermore, digital tags allow for easy transitions between employees as information on the tags can be changed within seconds, in the case that an employee is moved to another department, a new office, or if someone retires and another employee takes their place with a promotion. Digital tags allow for flexible and fast content changes at any time.

Outlook – Testimonial

This solution has been a great success for the JTI team as they’ve begun inviting their staff back into the new offices slowly, due to the pandemic and working from home. The digital tags have also allowed for them to get their new offices better organized so that when they are fully staffed again in person, everyone will have a seamless transition.