Kkind is a brand-new medical marijuana dispensary that just opened its doors in Kalamazoo, MI in late 2019. The Kkind team prides itself on its ability to offer the best customer service to help their patients to find the right strains and products for their needs.


Being a medical dispensary and provisioning center, the Kkind team has to be aware of all available strains and products that their patients and customers. With the constant need to change pricing, product information, strains, cannaboids, and more, the team realized that if the wanted to keep their inventory organized and their patients correctly informed, they better find a solution that will allow them to do so seamlessly.

Our relationship formed as Kkind was approaching the construction and permit stages for the new space in Kalamazoo, and our teams took a proactive approach towards finding a solution that would work best for their new and untested process.


Kkind chose to utilize the digital tag technology by integrating the solution with their price managing system, Flowhub, to create an automated process to seamlessly change all product and pricing information between their system and the digital tags. The team can also manually push updates to the tags through the web-based software from any phone, tablet, or computer; without the need to replace or switch out any of the tags that are placed on the shelves.

OUTLOOK – Testimonial

Results have decreased human error and increased overall efficiencies in providing patients and customers with the correct product and pricing information.

Digital Tags for Cannabis Digital Tags for Cannabis