Mississippi Aquarium | Freshwater Digital

Together with our partner Comqi, we designed a complete digital signage network for the Mississippi Aquarium. The signage and engaging content increase immersion, education, and entertain visitors as they explore the aquatic wonders the Mississippi Aquarium has to offer.

The space was a brand new build when we had the opportunity to work with the Mississippi Aquarium, so we were able to design from the ground up without worry of treading on existing installations. While this took major research by the Freshwater team, we had help from the expert aquarium staff when filling the beautiful and informative displays with educational content. Most displays run custom templates which are easy to update when the aquarium stock changes. Not pictured are the ticketing menu boards, scuba diving instructional video, and entrance content for their impressive underwater glass tunnel. We are honored to work with the Mississippi Aquarium, helping to create an immersive and educational experience.

Freshwater Digital – Digital Signage

Freshwater Digital animated 3D sea animals that project upon the wall as visitors ascend the escalators.

Digital Signage enhances education beside tanks throughout the aquarium.