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Paulson’s Audio & Video Inc. is a home entertainment store located in Farmington Hills, MI. Different from many of the chain electronics stores such as Best Buy, Paulson’s is known for taking on projects such as transforming home and office spaces with their custom electronic designs and installations. In addition to their personalized services, Paulson’s AV offers an array of electronic products to outfit your space no matter your budget.


With Paulson’s growing number of product offerings, the staff needed to find a more streamlined way to manage inventory, pricing, and product information throughout the store. Additionally, the team wanted to enhance the customer experience, as they found traditional paper tags and signage displays were difficult to see and engage with. These daily struggles are what lead to their interest in digital tags. Tags would allow for customers to engage more with their products when shopping, while also providing a consistent experience throughout the entire store both for staff and customers.


Freshwater helped Paulson’s up-fit their store with fully integrated and customized digital tags. This solution allows for the Paulson’s team to consistently and easily manage prices, promotions, and product changes. To provide a fully-automated process for our clients at Paulson’s, Freshwater developed custom integration with their backend POS system, ensuring accurate pricing and information is displayed on their product labels at all times. Anytime a product goes on sale, changes price, or is moved to a new department in the store, the backend system will automatically make those changes to the assigned digital tag associated with that product.

Outlook – Testimonial

By implementing digital tags within their store to replace the outdated paper labels and signage, this solution has helped to free up their staff to focus on more pivotal daily tasks and has allowed for a more consistent and reliable way of managing their inventory, pricing, promotions, and more.