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Watercolors Aquarium is a tropical fish store and aquarium gallery located in Grand Rapids, MI. They are well-known for having unique stock of both freshwater and saltwater fish, while also carrying all the products necessary to help you with your aquarium needs.


With a constant need to change their previous paper labels due to stock changes, price changes, and imports, the Watercolors team realized that their current process with paper labels was becoming a hassle. Between the time and money wasted, it was time to look into an alternative option. Enter Digital tags, by Freshwater Digital.


Watercolors decided to replace the paper labels completely and integrate the digital tag technology into their daily routine. This solution has allowed for a more streamlined process and an increase in efficiency overall. Whenever a new product or price needs to be changed, the team can manually push any updates to the tags through the web-based software from any phone, tablet, or computer; without the need to replace or switch out any of the tags that are placed on the shelves and tanks.

OUTLOOK – Testimonial

The results have allowed for the Watercolors team to focus on their customers more effectively while knowing that the stress and hassle of using paper labels is no longer a worry.

Water Colors’ Testimonial

“An aquarium store is a signage nightmare. Our stock and pricing is continually changing based on imports and availability. Before the digital tags, our tags were printed out from a poorly formatted spreadsheet template, cut, and placed into these metal frames that were constantly breaking. I would try to file away old tags for reuse but I’d forget we already had something or the price would change so I had to load up the spreadsheet and waste paper and time just to make one new tag. It became the most frustrating part of my week going through all of our stock to replace tags that were incorrect or no longer needed.
Digital tags have streamlined this process immensely. Now if I need to update a price, I just pull it up on my phone and it changes within 10 seconds. If we have a new product I can get a tag up for it immediately. We often hold fish for customers, so we’d put a sticky note on the tank with “hold for ___” on it. Tacky. Now I can just swap the template and it appears on the tag itself.”
– Amy Bloom, Manager