December 13, 2019

Gordon Now Commercial

We custom directed, produced and filmed a commercial for Gordon Food Service, GFS. The video features their Gordon Now product offering.

Gordon Food Service GFS
December 13, 2019

GFS Testimonial Video

We created a testimonial video about our experience working with Gordon Food Service.

US Signal
December 13, 2019

US Signal

We created a video with US Signal for their overall product and service offerings.

November 1, 2018

GeerPres 3D Video

Freshwater created a 3D video for GeerPres’s cleaning cart. This reduced the total cost drastically from a film shoot and created a unique and detailed experience of everything this product offers.

Viking Sprinklers Foam
August 7, 2018

Viking Foam Systems – 3D

Our 3D animation team created a video for Viking foam systems products.