SpartanNash Cravn Flavor
January 22, 2020

SpartanNash – Crav’n Flavor

We created this unique video for SpartanNash Crav’n Flavor for their internal communications efforts.

NHA National Heritage Academies
December 13, 2019

National Heritage Academies

We created a video for the National Heritage Academies. They do incredible work and we are happy to help showcase what they do.

December 13, 2019

Gordon Now Commercial

We custom directed, produced and filmed a commercial for Gordon Food Service, GFS. The video features their Gordon Now product offering.

Wolverine Worldwide Grand Rapids Airport
December 13, 2019

Wolverine Worldwide Grand Rapids Airport

We designed and created a touchscreen, interactive, experience for Wolverine Worldwide. The installation is featured in the Grand Rapids airport. This video showcases the overall project, installation, and Freshwater’s custom content services.

Gordon Food Service GFS
December 13, 2019

GFS Testimonial Video

We created a testimonial video about our experience working with Gordon Food Service.

AAF West Michigan Adfed Addys
December 13, 2019

AdFed Sponsor Reel

We created the sponsor reel for AdFed West Michigan.

Finny the Whale
December 13, 2019

Finny the Whale – GRPM

We designed, developed, and installed a complete touchscreen experience of Finny the Whale for Grand Rapids Public Museum. The touchscreen is live and frequently used at GRPM, stop by and check it out!

VG's SpartanNash Asia Kabar
December 13, 2019

SpartanNash VG’s Menu Boards

We created and manage digital menus for VG’s. These menus are dynamic with HTML5 integrations, automated feeds, and feature unique video content to engage the customer.

US Signal
December 13, 2019

US Signal

We created a video with US Signal for their overall product and service offerings.

November 1, 2018

GeerPres 3D Video

Freshwater created a 3D video for GeerPres’s cleaning cart. This reduced the total cost drastically from a film shoot and created a unique and detailed experience of everything this product offers.