Cannabis Digital Tags, Marijuana
February 19, 2020

KKind Medicinal Provisioning Center

KKIND – CANNABIS/MEDICAL DISPENSARY OVERVIEW Kkind is a brand-new medical marijuana dispensary that just opened its doors in Kalamazoo, MI in late 2019. The Kkind team prides itself on its ability to offer the best customer service to help their patients to find the right strains and products for their needs. REALIZATION Being a medical […]

Water Colors Aquarium Digital Tags
August 28, 2019

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Digital Tags

WATERCOLORS AQUARIUM – RETAIL OVERVIEW Watercolors Aquarium is a tropical fish store and aquarium gallery located in Grand Rapids, MI. They are well-known for having unique stock of both freshwater and saltwater fish, while also carrying all the products necessary to help you with your aquarium needs. REALIZATION With a constant need to change their […]

Digital Tags Ferrari
May 16, 2019

Ferrari Digital Tags

We implemented digital tags in each of their car windows. These replaced the outdated window stickers and provided a more elegant experience that customers of this dealership expect. The information is automatically updated based on the website listings. This not only removes manual labor but keeps pricing consistent for an improved customer experience.

Amway Digital Tags
September 20, 2018

Amway ABO Store Digital Tags

AMWAY ABO STORE – COSMETIC RETAIL OVERVIEW Amway is a multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products, and is a world-renowned brand name. Being one of our long-time customers, our team was able to provide a solution for one of their ABO retail stores located at their California business center. REALIZATION […]