Shaw Floors
February 4, 2020

Shaw Floors

We created and designed an in-store digital experience for Shaw Floors.

SpartanNash Cravn Flavor
January 22, 2020

SpartanNash – Crav’n Flavor

We created this unique video for SpartanNash Crav’n Flavor for their internal communications efforts.

Gordon Food Service GFS
December 13, 2019

GFS Testimonial Video

We created a testimonial video about our experience working with Gordon Food Service.

VG's SpartanNash Asia Kabar
December 13, 2019

SpartanNash VG’s Menu Boards

We created and manage digital menus for VG’s. These menus are dynamic with HTML5 integrations, automated feeds, and feature unique video content to engage the customer.

CBD Digital Signage Family Fare
June 18, 2019

Family Fare CBD Touchscreen Endcap

We partnered with Family Fare to create an engaging endcap display to educate customers on CBD. This product has a significant learning curve and the interactive display is highly engaged with that helps overcome the barrier with a new product and increase purchase intent.

Lift and Learn Interactive Signage
June 18, 2019

Family Fare Lift and Learn

Each product can be placed on the glowing box to engage with. A video will be wirelessly triggered using the latest lift and learn technology to educate, inform, and inspire customers.

Meijer Bridge Street Marketing Digital Signage
September 5, 2018

Bridge Street Market

Freshwater worked closely with Meijer and the Bridge Street Market team to develop the content strategy as well as client-managed content for the market. Freshwater also procured and installed the screen in the seating area at the market located in downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Industrial Products - GRIP
April 24, 2018

GRIP Magnetic Tools Display

We installed retail header displays for GRIP tools inside a retail store. This captures the customer’s attention and increases purchase intent.

DP Fox Harley Digital Signage
April 24, 2018

DP Fox Videowall

We installed a 3×3 videowall at DP Fox. The videowall captures customer attention and provides them with high-quality content to engage with as they shop.

Meijer Pets
April 17, 2018

Meijer In Store Signage

Freshwater procured and installed a digital screen in over 25 stores’ pets departments, provides and manages the content, and supports the network.  These screens are the center point as customers enter the newly designed Pets departments at these Meijer stores.