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Our Service

Our Services

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Freshwater has and will always be digital signage experts, and we understand every audience in nearly every industry. Whether you are just considering digital signage or your network is up and running, all aspects of your network need to be seamlessly woven together with a clear mission and plan and integrated across channels. A carefully planned strategy will deliver successful results, so we pride ourselves on helping our clients approach their network strategically, ensuring the overall approach meets their objectives. By spending time and attention upfront on the development of a digital signage strategy, Freshwater can help determine equipment, placement, content, and even revenue plans. A solid foundation will deliver a strong, engaging network while saving time and budget on the backend.

  • Identify, problems, opportunities, and goals
  • Establish the method to achieve goals
  • Assist and consult with third part viewership studies
  • Establish advertising strategies and rates for monetization
  • Provide a clear plan for network management
  • Develop unique advertising propositions
  • ROI modeling for networking and advertising
  • Forecast and measure success

Once your initial digital signage rollout proves successful, you may want to continue to expand. Freshwater not only monitors the industry for new opportunities but also works closely with our strategic partners to create innovative solutions based on the needs we see from the network operators. We can work with you to determine where it makes sense to consider the next channel – and the process starts all over again!


Voice of the client with total solution integration.


CMS experts, coordination, and scheduling.

Our Service


We offer a wide variety of technology from digital menu boards to custom touchscreens and everything in-between for digital signage, and we are students of the industry. We attend industry events, follow the leading publications, and use our network of solution providers to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. As part of our strategic partner agreements with the industry’s leading providers, we ask that they continually educate and inform us of their latest innovations, and in many cases, provide us with a workable unit so we receive first-hand knowledge of the product. Many of these are displayed in our live technology lab.

We are technology agnostic and only have an allegiance to the solution for our clients. Alongside our partners, we find the best technology to fulfill client needs need. We conduct industry, customer, and market research, and our typical sourcing strategy would include:

  • Fully understanding the business needs
  • Identify the suppliers that meet the criteria
  • Negotiate competitive pricing and pass along savings
  • Manage supplier performance and continuously look for optimization opportunities

Based on our client goals and objectives, we match them with a solution that has already been developed, saving time and money. Or, we can develop a custom solution! Some of the technologies in our lab include:

  • Directional audio
  • Unique displays (mosaics, digital logo signs, transparent screens)
  • Virtual/augmented reality 
  • Touch and gesture interactivity 
  • Holographic projection
  • 3D modeling
  • Proximity technology (beacons, NFC, wi-fi nodes)
  • Shelf edge digital tags
Creative Production


Freshwater loves to demonstrate that great content doesn’t mean expensive content. We take pride in helping network owners maximize the benefit while minimizing the cost. We can help with a wide variety of projects from minor video editing to full-production live shoots.

  • 2D, 3D, and motion graphics expertise 
  • Concept, scripting, and creative assistance
  • Animated template integration for multi-location content management
  • Full HD and 4K filming capabilities



Creative Production


Automating content is an easy way to ensure that content is updated and relevant to your audience. We work with our clients to connect their screens with databases, feeds, and external sources to update content. This helps reduce the amount of time and effort required to deliver a very meaningful and effective network. Freshwater provides the ability to use API feeds to automate data flow to your network.

  • Regional item and pricing information using multiple data sources
  • Inventory based content management
  • External data triggers (real time weather, news, and entertainment feeds and alerts) 
  • Localized content (announcements, with full corporate approval process)


Effectively managing content can be an extensive task, but Freshwater has built efficiency models to reduce the time spent achieving the full potential of your network. Once your digital signage is installed and your content is ready, we make sure your message is delivered at the right place and on time. We can manage all aspects of your network to ensure complete functionality. Our team of experts operate and optimize networks on a daily basis.

  • Scheduling
  • Creative mix optimization
  • Network audits and reporting 
  • Pricing, caloric data, feature item management, and asset integrations by location
  • Cross platform integration into marketing plans, social media, and digital media 
  • Digital signage IT consulting


Wave is a software for retailers that empowers the creation and management of fresh, dynamic content that ties into your online advertising activities. Wave’s custom designed templates work with any digital signage software to increase your content effectiveness and lower your costs.



There are several variables associated with managing a large digital signage network, so Freshwater’s fully integrated support team and process ensures your content is always online. Our team actively monitors and manages your networks for limited downtime.

  • Algorithmically based systems to continuously scan networks for content, hardware, or human error issues
  • Ongoing audits to ensure systems are meeting compliance
  • Resolves issues at the store level that require manual intervention