Whether you are just considering digital signage or your network is up and running, we pride ourselves on helping our clients approach their network strategically.  We work with our clients to ensure the overall network approach meets their objectives.

A carefully planned strategy for digital signage will help deliver successful results. By spending a little time and attention upfront on the development of a digital signage strategy that considers goals and objectives, we can help determine equipment, placement, content and even revenue plans. A solid foundation will help deliver a strong, engaging network while saving time and budget on the backend.

Identifying your goals
Understanding your audience
Measuring success
Establishing the approach
Developing unique advertising propositions
ROI modeling (both network and advertising)

Making your ideas reality

Success breeds success. Once your initial digital signage rollout proves successful, you may want to continue to expand. Freshwater not only monitors the industry for new opportunities but also works closely with our strategic partners to create innovative solutions based on the needs we see from the network operators. We can work with you to determine where it makes sense to consider the next channel – and the process starts all over again!