December 11, 2017

The Future of Digital Signage and Customer Experience

With the growth of online shopping, how can digital signage evolve in customer-facing environments and impact the shopping experience?


Digital Signage Future

Digital signage providers need to understand and adapt to the needs of brick and mortar retail. It has always been imperative that our business understands the customer’s needs and how customers shop. One of the biggest shifts in retail is customers using retail as a showroom to learn more about a product before purchasing. Items that require more consideration, customers are more willing to visit brick and mortar for a “hands-on” experience with a product before the purchase. This is especially the case with product segments like large appliances, electronics, auto, and furniture. Customers still need to experience these products before they purchase. The retailer’s challenge is then securing the sale. The role of digital signage will start to transition more to interactivity and self-service, and content driven by data.

Interactive Experience


Interactivity and self-service will both become the standard expectation. Consumers can now experience the product and learn much more on-site helping to facilitate the purchase. Customers can browse inventory, features, read reviews, and make a purchase without speaking to an associate. This allows stores to stay competitive by reducing inventory, space, and help educate associates.

Data-Driven Content

Another big shift will be with data-driven content. Content to the masses is a lot less effective than speaking to groups or individuals. Retailers are bridging the online gap but furnishing applications and online tools to serve customers. These tools help retailers learn more about their customers, and thus market to them more efficiently. Retailers can now identify specific customers when they enter, understand their recent shopping behaviors, and serve content that has a higher likelihood of engagement.


With all of the technology links in a world that are always connected, digital signage will become an even more valuable tool as retailers look to strengthen their relationship with customers.

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