August 3, 2016

The Future of Wireless Charging…Is Now.

In the past, we’ve urged readers to use trends of the past and current technology in order to help predict what will happen in the future.

Well, judging by the needs of the consumer and the surge of products being introduced by various companies, it appears that the future of wireless technology is here. To get an idea of what’s going to happen, all we need to do is take a look at what’s happening now, and what’s happening now, is wireless charging.

Every day, various companies introduce wireless charging technology into the market. And, as those products get bought up, excitement grows as the general public gets ready to “cut the cord” and try out these new products.  Within the next twelve months, the market will stretch their legs, and their charging distances, offering even more options that will allow devices to be charged at an even greater distance.

The most common wireless charging options currently available are for wearable tech such as phones and smartwatches.  This number will continue to grow and some experts say that within a few years about 40 percent of all wearables shipped will be enabled to charge wirelessly.  Samsung has led the way with it’s Wireless Charging Pad (though other brands have released their own versions as well) and Apple is focusing on increasing the distance from which one can wirelessly charge their devices.  Although we likely won’t see anything from Apple unless it’s a groundbreaking technology, you can find products like MOOS, that work with iPhones to provide a wire-free charge. Other companies like

Other companies like Lenovo and Nexo Knight offer practical, stylish options that can double as furniture or desk accessories.  And, companies such as Ossia (with their Cota product) and Energous Corporation recently demonstrated their products at this year’s CES show.

Wireless charging isn’t just for devices, though.  AVTA has built a commercial application that inductively charges their electric buses.  This wireless charging set-up allows their buses to remain charged all day and remain in service as long as their diesel counterparts.  The units can charge up to 4 buses at a time.

As companies try to make wireless charging as ubiquitous and easy to use as Wi-Fi, we will continue to see new products enter the consumer and commercial markets.  Things are just starting to get exciting for this technology.  Wireless charging will have a significant impact on all industries, including ours! In the digital signage world, wireless charging means more flexibility and flexibility means more possibilities for digital displays. As the trend grows, and more and more products are designed to run on rechargeable batteries, low-voltage screens could potentially be used anywhere within range of a wireless charger. No more running electrical cords and adapters and extenders anywhere you want a digital sign. It will become easier and easier to integrate digital into all environments.

So, be on the look out for the wireless charger that works best for your device and contact us with your technology questions!

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