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Wave is a software for retailers that empowers the creation and management of fresh, dynamic content that ties into your online advertising activities. Wave’s custom designed templates work with any digital signage software to increase your content effectiveness and lower your costs.

About Brooklyn
About Brooklyn

Dynamic and Relevant Content

Wave allows you to dynamically populate your digital signage with real-time information tied to your online advertising activities. Wave is a multi-source platform allowing you to leverage several different real-time data to keep your content fresh, and always interesting. Having a one-day sale? You now have the ability to make sure your digital signage supports this sale, and easily switch to another message once the message is no longer applicable.

Because Wave can integrate with your current online advertising activities, your e-commerce website, your social media activities, and several other sources, your customers will enjoy your always fresh, always relevant messaging. What could be more relevant than having your customers tell you? Wave leverages crowdsourcing to give you the option to display the most popular items in the ad. Never have to worry about outdated signage again. Wave automatically ensures that once products are no longer for sale, or available online, that they no longer display on your signage. Rest easy, Wave will take it from here.

Custom Templates

It’s one thing to have relevant and dynamic content on your screens. Doing so in a way that will translate well with your audience is another. We have years of experience developing award-winning creative for digital signage. By building attractive templates that are integrated with the Wave platform, your information will always feel fresh and interesting. How does this work? Glad you asked. By building a library of templates that address your various marketing activities such as specials, features, solutions or just plain cool products, you can build these templates into your digital signage playlist and let Wave fill in the relevant products. Build a template for seasonality, for special events, for holidays or for anything. It’s your call – Wave is here to help. It’s really that simple.

User-Friendly Interface

Our customers aren’t programmers, and they probably don’t want to be. Wave was setup to be an easy point and click experience. Manage your own information through a very intuitive dashboard, or simply allow our team of digital signage experts to manage it for you. Once a template is built, we identify the stream that will feed that Template. You can choose from dynamic content to automatically deliver timely and relevant products from sources such as your on-line ad, your e-commerce website, your digital coupon program or virtually any other data source. Have a unique or proprietary database? With a few clicks and a Wave of our wand, we can customize Wave to deliver that information too! The data source for that template can be changed at any time, manually or automatically, based on your requirements. Your wish is Wave’s command…seriously.

Cost Savings

Our templates include motion graphics, cool transitions and expertly designed layouts that are meant to get the message across based on the location, configuration and strategy of that specific sign. Remember, we’re not only really nice creative guys, we have and currently run successful networks – yup – we use Wave. And it works. We also know that keeping fresh content can be an expensive endeavor. We have worked hard to keep the template costs low, so you can feel free to build as many as you need. We will work with you to develop multiple versions of each template if needed, and always have cost savings in mind. Imagine the ROI improvement you can realize by having weekly, daily or even hourly products that are relevant to your customer right in front of them. Not only attractive for your customer – but VERY attractive to potential advertisers…enough said.

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How it Works

Wave users login to the Wave Dashboard with their web browser where they have control to define streams of information that are sent out to the digital signage players.

A key feature of Wave is its ability to deliver streams of real-time and location specific product information and images. Other dynamic information maybe product related, social media related, weather or any other dynamic data source. All of this information is downloaded to your server or players and continuously updated by Wave’s own download tool or your digital signage software.

Wave’s custom-designed templates work with the streams of information you have defined to display real-time, smart content to your customers. We have a wealth of experience creating highly-impactful content for top retail brands. Each template will be built to your approval and can be controlled by you through the Wave dashboard.


Our intuitive user interface empowers you and your team to easily manage your streams.


Dynamic real-time digital signage information tied to your online advertising campaigns.


Integrate crowd sourced content ensuring relevancy to your customers.


Cut ad production costs and turnaround time with your bank of custom templates.



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