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Freshwater Digital Takes the Lead in Digital Tags Across Multiple Verticals

April 11, 2018 Alyssa Ahrens

Freshwater Digital Takes the Lead in Digital Tags Across Multiple Verticals


Freshwater Digital now offers industry leading digital tag technology.

E-Ink started as a project at MIT, made its commercial debut in e-reader technology and electronic shelf
labels, but it is quickly gaining momentum in the digital signage industry. For years, the technology has been
primarily associated with the Kindle, but e-paper is much bigger than e-books. These reliable, easy-to- read
Digital Tags can be used in many industries, including:

  • Retail price tags
  • Corporate offices (office and conference room signs)
  • Education (room signs and emergency alert communication)
  • Hospitality
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Transportation

Freshwater Digital (Grand Rapids, MI) has been conducting significant due diligence over the last two years to
find the best technology and overall solutions for our clients. We have independently tested over 7 of the
best providers in the world to ensure we are bringing reliable, future-proofed solutions to our clients. At the
beginning of 2018, we secured an exclusive relationship with the largest world-wide supplier for Electronic
Shelf Labeling, SES-Imagotag (Nanterre, France). Since securing this partnership, we have been providing
client solutions in retail, auto, education, warehousing/distribution, CPG and more.

The demand for Digital Tags has been significant. The benefits of digital tags include:

  • Operate up to seven years on a single battery
  • Update wirelessly either manually or via data feeds
  • No significant infrastructure investment
  • Relatively inexpensive (tags start at $10)
  • Visible in virtually any condition
  • Rugged, yet attractive
  • Can be integrated with other digital signage solutions
  • Incorporate RGB LED technology to attract attention

Up until this point, it has been very difficult for end-users to understand how to purchase and use the
technology. True to Freshwater’s approach to business, we’ve done all of the legwork to provide fully
functional, turn-key solutions with very little work required by our clients. We also provide transparency
around how the technology works, and the associated pricing. Contact us today to discuss your Digital Tag