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Digital Tags for Schools and Universities

Digital Tags for Schools and Universities

Freshwater Digital is proud to share a video demonstrating how our digital tags for schools and universities can help improve communications. The real-time updates and relatively low cost of capital and operation make digital tags a viable tool for administrators, teachers and even law enforcement to communicate with students for everything from daily announcements to critical safety instructions. While no one wants to think about another school attack, Freshwater hopes that if there is, this tool could potentially save an innocent life.
Complete Digital Tag Solutions

We provide complete solutions for digital tags. Our team can help with the procurement, integrations, and installations of digital tags for schools and universities. These digital tags can be integrated with popular alert systems like Rave Guardian. We can also integrate with any other data source with our custom development team. Our custom development team is able to bring in data from various sources or scrape websites to automate as much as possible.


Our typical goal for clients is after installation we’re completely hands-off, drastically reducing ongoing costs. We still have a dedicated team of support professionals maintaining your digital tags and network but don’t bog down your essential staff. We know how hard and busy school and university administration, teachers, professors, and everyone else involved is and this solution is meant to provide efficiencies. If you’re interested to learn more about digital tags, visit our page dedicated to this solution. You can also reach out to us on our contact us page as well.

Check out our digital tags page to learn more.

If you can think of a way that we haven’t shown for how digital tags can be used in schools and universities please let us know. We’re eager to learn more and expand our services within the industry.

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