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Why Include Digital Signage in Your Construction Plans

May 9, 2018 Alyssa Ahrens

Why Include Digital Signage in Your Construction Plans

Integrating your IT and digital infrastructure to your new building, store, or remodel project is essential. Implementing digital signage is always easier and more seamless if included in the original design, infrastructure, and budgets for your organization’s next steps.

New Construction & Digital Signage


One of the most important aspects of your new building is the aesthetics and overall strategy. The way the workspace flows and how employees or customers interact in the space is always top of mind. Digital signage is extremely relevant in regards to workspace flow and communications. Digital signage helps bring together all the potential silos of teams and divisions by sharing content, news, and various information to everyone in the organization. Having large format screens, touchscreens, and videowalls integrated into the initial design will help implent specific strategies to how your target audience’s attention can be captured.

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Digital signage requires minimal infrastructure needs, depending on your building. However, including cabling and the necessary networking hardware prior to construction completion will drastically reduce the cost and efforts needed to later integrate.


Construction budgets typically have a significant upfront cost. Including digital signage hardware into the budget decreases the capital requests and necessary funding if installed after construction is finalized. Including the costs upfront in your construction project also makes it less of a burden for overall project management when it’s taken care of early.


Remodels & Digital Signage

The retail space is highly competitive and companies are constantly improving customer experiences in their locations. Adapting to the way current and future generations retain information regarding marketing is always a challenge. Digital signage helps bridge the gap between those who no longer use paper advertisements and quickly delivering vital information in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


New store designs help drive customer experience and keep consumers in the store longer. Digital signage has to be implemented in a strategic manner based on how your customer shops. The design should factor in how long people will be near the digital signage and how long they can see the messaging for. This factor of the design can impact where the screens are located, how large they are, and the overall treatment of the content.


Networking can be challenging in a retail environment. POS systems and various electronics throughout the store utilize a vast majority of the bandwith available. Having dedicated lines available for digital signage in the initial infrastructure will help resolve any potential issues that could arise later. Installing cabling can be easy, but the ultimate goal should always be to eliminate customer impact during continued construction.


Similar to how budgets in new construction can help digital signage be more attainable also correlates to remodels. Stores need to think ahead for budgets so that every dollar is accounted for in the capital planning and not requested later.

Video Footage

Another aspect that can be highly impactful is video footage of the construction. This not only informs your audience of the progress for transparency but also makes valuable footage for marketing and sharing. Time-lapses are a popular way to capture the entire project, even if the site is built for several months. Another popular strategy is to utilize drones to capture the entire experience. Google SEO can even be improved by sharing images and 3D tours to help inform your audience and perform better in search.


Freshwater digital takes pride being the experts in digital signage and your consultants when needed. Contact our team if you’re planning a big move or upgrading your current space. 

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