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Digital Signage Data Visualization

November 19, 2018 Alyssa Ahrens

Digital Signage Data Visualization

Digital signage data visualization leads to successful businesses in this day and age. Employees and stakeholders desire and even need constant and detailed information on everything an organization is doing. This can range from analytics on logistics to employee retention and satisfaction surveys and everything in-between.


Data shows associates exactly where they stand for KPI’s in an organization. Display live KPI’s through an API showcases how associates and the overall goals are performing. This data is extremely important to be accurate and visually appealing. Infographic type formats play well in this space on large format displays. Having a quick and easy way to digest the content is key. Another factor to think about is the audience and space. How is the audience engaging with the content, does it need to be quick or detailed? Additionally, is your audience an expert in the content and KPI information or does the content need to be simplified? All of these factors play into how well the information is perceived.

Internal Communications

Data feeds for internal communications efforts provide the necessary transparency an organization needs. Having data regarding where the business stands is one aspect of data visualization. This can come in the form of infographics or even longer form content with visually appealing imagery and details. Another aspect of internal communication and data is showcasing current projects that various teams are working on. The bigger the organization and more challenging the logistics of delivering content to various audiences, the more beneficial digital signage is. In most circumstances, the data provided on digital displays will be the only medium that audiences see this data on. Another recommendation is to show how vendors are performing. This almost always drives competitive vendors, especially in retail, to see how they stand in volume compared to the other. Internal communications has endless possibilities for data visualization in digital signage in any industry.

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HR can benefit from data visualization as well. HR can display data from how employees are performing to benefit packages. Data isn’t always number crunching and boring. Data can display infographic type displays to improve employee relations and overall morale.


Leadership doesn’t typically have the time to sit through meetings to discuss every division’s performance. A digital screen that showcases quick and easy, live, information can change how a company functions. Every meeting to review simple KPI’s can be eliminated with a live data feed. These feeds can then be monitored at leadership’s convenience and then followup meetings can be scheduled. Every meeting that’s reduced by providing efficiencies to leadership is a bottom line benefit to the company.

Motivation with Digital Signage Data Visualization 

Offering information provides transparency as well as motivation. Employees across divisions in your organization can be removed from silos by knowing what the other teams are working on and how they’re performing. This can even incite motivation through the form of friendly competition.


Digital signage data visualization content not only provides transparency and increases an organization’s overall communications but also provides labor savings. If feeds are utilized, labor is drastically reduced.



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