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Emerging Digital Signage Trends in 2019

February 14, 2019 Alyssa Ahrens

Emerging Digital Signage Trends in 2019

The most significant talking point for 2019 and the following years is technology and communication.

Technology – Smartphones

It’s estimated that 68% of Americans have smartphones. These devices are almost always connected to the internet and within arms distance from a person. Having this technology can interfere with the power of digital signage if not executed properly. Experts in the space integrate the communications that are happening across multiple devices to reinforce messaging. Digital signage shouldn’t compete with smartphones – it should complement them.

Smartphones in retail are taking over the experience of shopping. You can use an app to order your product and expedite your shopping experience in store. This obviously keeps customers informed and happy but also provides essential data. This data being generated by apps and how users interact with the brand’s products needs to be utilized across digital signage. All of this data can be integrated seamlessly into your content strategy and how you interact with customers, down to the individual. This level of experience is an expectation in 2019. Providing generic messaging to incorporate large demographics and psychographics can be saved for the outdated mediums – billboards and print.

Smartphones can be seen as a threat to agencies not adapting with development teams. Apps and integrations should be included in your initial conversations with clients; not a 3rd party that you hope can help keep your client happy.

Technology – Analytics

Technology helps provide genuine ROI reports, especially with advertising and apps. Digital signage is no different when used properly. Touchscreens are continuing to trend across every industry for obvious reasons. Pulling all the data out of how users interact with the display is vital to providing ROI to clients.

Discussing and consulting with clients on what they view as a success is absolutely crucial to your digital signage strategy. This can range simply from how many interactions to specific product lift or category lift. Defining these successes not only provides your client with confidence but proves you’re willing to back your recommendation with specific ROI.

Small Format – Digital Tags

Kohl’s and other retailers both in the States and across the world are adapting to small format digital signage. The industry is going to have a significant shift with batteries and open source data integrations. Any industry that utilizes a high percentage of their revenue on labor is looking to robotics and automation capabilities. Digital tags and automation are the answer in several industries to reduce labor, increase efficiencies, and provide live accurate data. This can range from retail shelf pricing to car windows at dealerships. Any technology which improves the bottom line is being actively monitored and tested across every industry.


Internal communications is growing and is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. People, especially the younger generations, want transparency in the companies they work for. Larger companies and organizations are able to have intranets and apps but these don’t work on their own.

Digital signage allows you to reach your employees, visitors, and vendors. Intranets and apps are only for employees and miss some of the important stakeholders in a company. This medium can range from small displays in meeting rooms to large format videowalls in entryways. One of the best aspects of this medium is that content already being produced for multiple forms of communications internally can be repurposed. Hiring a digital signage agency to take the work you’re already doing and repurpose it to all the displays in a strategic way can be a game changer in your company. Reading through large corporations’ reviews both online and internal almost always have comments regarding not knowing what leadership or the company is doing. This seems incredibly simple and obvious but it’s just not easy without digital signage and a well-executed strategy.

Meijer Digital Signage Videowall

Technology and internal communications are changing the digital signage industry. Digital signage reaches far beyond the 30 second ad spot on a large format display.  

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