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Freshwater Working From Home

April 15, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Freshwater Working From Home

Freshwater’s Working From Home Editionwritten by Christy Weitz

First, let us start off by saying we’re incredibly thankful. We’ve been able to stay safe in the comfort of our homes while still performing all of our client work. Our business is extremely fortunate to be able to work from home.

The transition to working from home has been one of ease for the team at Freshwater Digital, with only minor hiccups as we transition all forms of communication. Though we miss the comradery of working in the office, we’ve made adjustments on how we meet internally, as well as with clients and partner companies.

Work From Home Successes, #WFH

We are able to meet, collaborate, audit, troubleshoot, reboot, screen share and preview content using platforms such as; Zoom, Bluejeans and our internal slack channel. The team checks in with each other using Zoom and do a morning huddle every day for anyone who can join. We share our successes of the week and problem solve together, as well as try to incorporate some creative ways for the staff to be engaged while working remotely.

Here are some behind the scenes looks of our WFH offices! We like to keep our workstations at home as well as in the office unique to our personality.

Working from home #wfh

Everything done at Freshwater is done so remotely as far as the client goes, with the exception of staging new equipment and testing in the lab.

Each team at Freshwater Digital is up to big things. We’re diving in deep with new content and more emphasis on social media to reach a broader audience of potential clients. We are also sharing practices on how to keep family and patrons safe that can be implemented in real-time.

Download your free videos here! – Reach out to us if you want your logo included.

Internal Communications for Clients

We’re continuing to support our internal communications clients all around the country. We’re creating unique videos to help inform, engage, and keep their teams safe and healthy. Some clients have moved these videos into their web applications or on their social media channels.

Our client support specialists, content managers, and account managers have been diligently working with clients and partner companies to ensure all operations stay “business as usual.” We have consistent check-ins with clients to keep building our working relationships and ensuring confidence in our skillset while we navigate new waters.

Our Creative team is going above and beyond during these strange, new times and delivering fresh content to clients. The drive and focus of this team is impressive, to say the least.

Productivity is, of course, something of a concern when people hear the words “work from home,” so we have implemented strategies to keep us focused without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Designate a workstation in your home. Many of us live in smaller homes or apartments so designating a work area is crucial for keeping energy and focus up.
  • Maintain a normal schedule. Along with designating a workspace also designate time- and allow for a lunch break and step away from the computer.
  • Give yourself grace; we are all experiencing this at the same time, and everyone is naturally a bit flustered, confused, or scared. Use your break or lunchtime to take a walk or reach out to family/friends.

We’ve also included a great link on some other work from home practices that help make WFH an easier transition.

Check it out!

Freshwater is not immune to the severity of this pandemic, but we choose to respond with confidence and compassion. Here are some positive notes the staff has recently shared as a result of WFH:


“Although I miss being able to interact and bounce ideas off of my teammates on an ad-hoc basis, we’ve been finding new ways to interact and work together, so moral and creativity remain high.”Josh Leckrone – Senior Motion Graphics


“My role at Freshwater requires a more mobile environment with me bouncing between offices every day. So, in the new WFH environment, I’m able to stay just as productive and actually enjoy more time at home due to the lack of a daily commute. Finding a separate place at home where I could create a sense of work normalcy that is physically separate from everyday home life has been critical for me.” Tim Bennink – VP of Accounts


“After making several proactive adjustments my focus and productivity have been holding strong, although I underestimated how much coffee I need now that I can’t refill from the pot at work.” Margaret Schiefer – Creative Team Lead


“It’s been nice to stay productive while in the comfort of my own home, but it’s been even better to enjoy all the blessings that I tend to forget about when life gets busy” Zack Rinvelt – Business Development Manger


“I’m thankful to have a spouse in a similar industry. We can bounce ideas off of each other. We also have a far better understanding of what we do for work now that we’re stuck sitting 6″ from each other.”Ben Kaluski – Director of Business Development


“Working from home has been a wonderful experience. I have gotten into a routine and have learned how to more effectively communicate with clients and my coworkers. It has been great to re-prioritize my workload and find new ways to do things that were once easy in my ‘normal’ environment. The added bonus of this is more quality time with my husband and dog … oh and the daily facetimes with my grandparents” – Lauren Hoffman- Account Manager


“Working from home has its challenges at times, and I miss being around the team. However, I have fewer interruptions, my commute is shorter, sweatpants are daily, I find time to work out, and I get to have lunch with my kids.” Jon Dodge – COO


“I couldn’t be more proud of the team for stepping up for our clients during this time. Our transition to working from home has been seamless. Not only has the team excelled in getting our clients’ work complete, but they are also taking the extra time to work on new techniques, take additional classes and further hone their talents.” – Matt Downey – CEO

Freshwater Digital would like to thank our clients, families, partners and of course any and all essential employees. We are humbled to be your choice for digital signage and we will continue to make strides even during this pandemic thanks to you. Please everyone; be safe, kind and mindful to anyone you come in to contact during this time.

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