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Brand Emotional Connection to Customers Through Technology

April 17, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Brand Emotional Connection to Customers Through Technology

How can digital experiences help achieve emotional connections between brands and customers?

Brand emotional connection to customers through technology. How can we create that strong connection between your brand and your customers? Let’s explore how that connection happens and how to use digital signage technology to achieve your goals.

Digital experiences can cause an intrinsic emotional connection through content with an audience. Having a natural connection is what separates experienced marketers and designers from the rest. Every single piece of content that’s on a display should cause an emotional reaction. For example, menu boards should entice the customer to crave that menu item. Think Pizza after going on a low carb diet for a few months; type of feeling.

Another example is an emotional clip you see even on social media that resonates with you. These same video clips can showcase a brand and how they’ve contributed back to society on a customer-facing digital signage display.

Connecting Brands to Customers

Everyone has had a movie or show that resonated with them to the point where they were ecstatic, sad, hopeful, scared, and every emotion in-between. Movies are a fantastic example of how a beautiful large scale display, with incredible sound, can bring you in and out of emotions that not only connect you with the characters but how it relates to your past experiences.

Brand Messaging

Brands can no longer hide behind the transparency demand of the 21st century and Millennials/Gen Z. Brands need to have exactly that, a brand. For starters, you need to identify the basics of a brand and establish that deep within your company culture, online presence, and brick and mortar customer-facing establishments for those in B2C. To be more specific, a 30,000ft view of branding is you people perceive your company. Ultimately, you need to figure out how you want to be perceived by your customers. High-level branding guides can be found here. After you’ve established your brand, you need to find content that helps deliver that message.

Digital Signage Brand
Content for Branding

After you’ve established the big picture of branding you need to identify your content. Content in this particular case is based on your internal and external facing technology. Digital signage technology for branding can include various uses such as touchscreens, videowalls, menus, entrance screens, etc. Each piece of technology has particular objectives, strategies, and tactics.


Videowalls are our favorite example of an emotional connection with content through digital experiences. The obvious emotional connection is a large-scale sports display. The displays that are completely over the top but manage to drive the emotional connection of an entire sporting event. Picture yourself in your favorite stadium, with your favorite team. Imagine watching the national anthem as a military veteran. That display provides you with the connection to the singer, the song, and what it means to you and everyone else in that stadium of 100,000 people.

Brand Emotional Connection to Customers through Technology

Now imagine, a surprise message displaying on the ‘Jumbotron’ of a proposal. Not those ridiculous joke ones that are staged, a real proposal. A proposal of a couple who met in that stadium, where maybe you and your spouse met. That display, that technology, that content is what makes all your memories come rushing in and you pretend not to water up.

Now imagine, your face being panned to on the display and you quickly recover and crack a smile for the entire stadium and people. Sports digital displays are an emotional connection that we think we’ve all experienced.

Check out our drone footage of Grand Valley State University Lubber’s Stadium.


You may think touchscreens couldn’t have much of a brand emotional connection to customers. However, let’s use a senior living community as an example. Imagine you’re planning with your spouse for retirement and are exploring your new home to live. Take a moment to envision yourself walking into this beautiful community you’ve been saving for years to take that next step in your life.

Now, picture having the salesperson walk you through an overview video of how the community plans to take all your worries away and how their residents over the years have celebrated their accomplishments together in one happy community. Then, having the ability to click through all of your favorite features of the community; a tennis court, a putting green, and of course BINGO.

Digital Display for Senior Living, Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities

This may sound minor but that experience to initiate a substantial investment and meet your 40+ year goals could just as easily have a negative connection. One where the video made you feel helpless and couldn’t trust your hard-earned money going to the community who wasn’t what you’d thought they’d be.

The Technology Itself

What about the technology itself and not necessarily the content. Well, first, let’s face it the technology is useless without the content. Having said that, let’s jump into an example. The obvious choice with the current situation around the world is your computer, phone, or tablet. Brand emotional connection to customers through technology can be the physical device, the software, or the capability it provides. The physical device allows you to communicate with your friends and family all around the world, even while you’re practicing safe social distancing and doing your part for the greater good. Without that technology, without that option, life would be much different right now.

That emotional connection obviously won’t resonate with your iPhone 10 but it may connect a brand to you, such as Zoom. Zoom wasn’t the sponsor of John Krasinski’s new YouTube channel, Some Good News. However, you’ll most certainly be thankful for Zoom to not only connect you with your loved ones but to create a highly impactful experience that John Krasinki is leading. In a single episode, you’ll be emotional from what we’re all going through around the world and how a simple conference call could bring an entire industry of healthcare workers together to have them throw the MLB’s first pitch.

Bringing us all together

It’s not only movies that can create an emotional connection between brands and customers. Any technology that has a piece of content you can relate with, that moves you, is a successful brand.