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Digital Tag Request for Proposal (RFP)

April 21, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Digital Tag Request for Proposal (RFP)

How much are electronic shelf labels (e-ink)? Read our RFP outline below and take the tools we provide to gain a better, more transparent, understanding of digital tag costs.

Are you looking up how to implement e-ink digital tags to your company? We discuss in this blog and RFP outline how you can purchase, install, and manage your e-ink digital tags. This will be a thorough overview of how to receive accurate quotes for e-ink displays/tags and how to drastically reduce your labor for research.

*We’ve branded our E-ink tags as digital tags. This is mainly due to positioning them for both retail and non-retail use. We utilize the industry-leading e-ink electronic shelf label company, SES-Imagotag for our hardware.

At Freshwater, we pride ourselves on pioneering outside of the traditional retail setting and into new industries for implementing E-Ink Digital Tag technology, also referred to as electronic shelf labels. Therefore, every project and opportunity we take on differs depending on the client and their specific needs. In an effort to continue providing the best possible solutions to our clients, we have created an RFP overview and outline to use when approaching the opportunity of implementing digital tags into your environment.


To start your RFP off on the right foot, you’ll want to provide an overview with useful and relevant information about your company.

  • Who you are and what you do
  • Where you’re located
  • The products and services you offer
  • What differentiates you from your competition

A detailed background of your company will go a long way and it will help shape the project into a mold that specifically fits your needs.

EXAMPLE: Company Background and Information

ABC Healthcare is a medical group in Alaska, MI. With 5 facilities in Michigan (locations listed below), we employ just over 2,000 people and provide top of the line healthcare services to those in the very communities we live in. We take pride in keeping up with the times, knowing now more than ever, that we need to continue implementing the right technology and resources within our facilities to guarantee that we are providing the best care for our patients in any situation.

  • Headquarters and facility 2: Alaska, MI
  • Facility 3: Lansing, MI
  • Facilities 4 & 5: Warren, MI

As mentioned, every client we work with has their own unique strategy for utilizing e-ink digital tags. So, when filling out your project overview, a clear and concise summary of your approach will give vendors the ability to help you achieve your goals. This is where you’ll need the paint the big picture.

  • Outline your ideas on how you see the tags being used
  • Give specific instruction on what you want to accomplish
  • Have a list of goals and objectives that line up with your approach
EXAMPLE: Project Overview

ABC Healthcare is requesting a tailored solution to replace all room signage and way-finding signage in our facilities with the e-ink digital tags to help streamline communications between staff, patients, and visitors during this pandemic and time of isolation. Before a full-scale project takes place, we hope to achieve a successful proof of concept within our Headquarters in Alaska, MI. If we find that the solution works well for us, we will continue towards a full rollout to all 5 locations.


Goal 1: Digital tags will need to replace all room signage and way-finding signage throughout our facilities.

Goal 2:  We want to streamline communications between staff and patients by eliminating risk and error through miscommunication. Clear and concise communication is most important.

Goal 3:  We need the ability to change information at a moment’s notice to update all staff and patients during this pandemic as rules and regulations for isolation continue to change.

Goal 4: We want to display helpful way-finding & room signage along with inspirational messages for patients and visitors.


In providing the scope of work for this project, you’ll need to get as specific as possible. Provide a breakdown of what you’re currently doing, what pain points you might have, and what you want to do moving forward. To help guide you, here’s a list of specific information that will help your vendor understand the true scope of the project:

  • The structure of your existing labeling/signage process – how you currently display information and what pain points are you dealing with.
  • What existing database is being utilized and what are the capabilities of that database (ERP, POS, Website, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • What data you want to display on the tags – what form your data currently exists in 
  • Visuals of your current labels and signage and how they are displayed/mounted
  • A detailed Floor Plan of your facility with square footage and designated areas for where tags will be implemented
  • If applicable, what quantities and sizes of tags you might have in mind and why

Here’s a quick tip; you’ll want to reach out to a credible company with both marketing and creative services available, along with development services. Unless you have these services available internally, it’s highly recommended to find a company that can assist you with these tasks.

EXAMPLE: Describe Scope of Work in Detail

For the past few years, we have been trying to find a new alternative to white boards and paper signage for displaying information throughout our facilities. Our biggest struggle has been finding a way to control the communication between staff and patients in an effective manner. Especially right now in the midst of this pandemic, as our staff has been tasked to change information constantly due to new regulations and protocols being put in place. If we can simply replace all of our current wayfinding and room signage with digital tags, it will make our lives a lot easier so we can manage everything from one place.  

  • EPIC EMR System is our current database for all patient information and data. We currently rely on our staff to communicate all information verbally and on white boards in each room. We want to be able to populate the necessary information to the tags from our EMR directly to the tags (Patient status, medicine schedule, who their nurse and doctors are, etc.) This could ultimately eliminate the risk of misinformation and miscommunication between patients & staff.
  • We do not have a database for our way-finding signage, so right now we print out paper signage or write out the information on whiteboards if we are rushed. Our goal is to use a fillable spreadsheet to update with new information each day to display on the tags.
  • We would like to start with 100 large-size tags for way-finding signage and 300 medium- size tags for room signage
  • In addition, please see the attached pictures of our existing way-finding/patient room signage, along with a detailed floor plan of our facility.

Here you’ll need to provide an overview of any roadblocks that may cut down the list of vendors who can successfully help you with this project. Although you’ll be weeding out some providers, you’ll have a much easier time finding the company that can deliver the best solution for you.

  • Roadblock 1:  All patient information must comply with HIPAA regulations. We can only display certain information from our EMR system on digital tags, even inside patient rooms.
  • Roadblock 2:  Our IT team has a strategic vetting process for all new hardware/software implementation, specific details attached.
  • Roadblock 3: We will only move forward with a vendor that is willing to provide API documentation prior to a PO.

Most organizations have their own multi-leveled process of evaluation for new projects. Especially when testing out a foreign technology like digital tags that requires a lot of due diligence to research and understand the product. With the intent of involving all the necessary departments and individuals from your organization, it will speed the process up if the following details are provided:

  • Who needs to be involved
  • What your evaluation process consists of
  • Any details regarding your budget and timeline for this project that can be applied.
  • Criteria 1: Our IT Team has requested that they have direct communication with our vendor throughout the entire project. They will need to cover our specific vetting process for new hardware and software implementation, along with any questions they have based on prior research of the technology.
  • Criteria 2: We want to test this solution in 1 facility first before fully rolling out a solution to all locations. We will not move forward with a full rollout until we see a successful proof of concept within our headquarters. 
  • Criteria 3:  All projects require a mutual NDA before any discussions take place with our IT Team regarding our vetting system and any information on our EPIC EMR system (see file attached)
  • Budget: We have an approved budget of $50,000.00 for a proof of concept project
  • Timeline: Our goal is to have this solution fully integrated into our headquarters facility by the start of July, 2020.  

In this section, you’ll want to outline your expectations and any specific instructions that you need vendors to follow when submitting their proposal:

  • Requirement 1: We are requesting a full list of recommended product options with pricing and features. Please include any datasheets, documentation, and visual examples available.
  • Requirement 2: We are requesting proven examples of past projects. Please include any testimonials, success stories, and examples of similar projects.
  • Requirement 3: We are requesting that API documentation be provided along with the full proposal. Our IT team will request direct communication on this topic.
  • Requirement 4: We are requesting that all submissions be made electronically through our website at the following link (see link below). All attachments will need to be included in a specific section on the submission page.

Thank you for your time and efforts in providing us with a proposal. We will contact you by email if we wish to move forward with your company for this project.

  • ABC Healthcare Group

We hope that this outline and overview will assist you and your company in the RFP process as you work towards finding the right solution for your business with e-ink digital tags.

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Download your Digital Tags RFP Form.

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