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Pay it Forward – Graduation Video On Us

May 6, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Pay it Forward – Graduation Video On Us

These are unprecedented and challenging times. It’s difficult for almost everyone to manage during this pandemic. However, we want to focus on the positives during this time, as best we can. We’ve been dedicating as many hours as we can during the past several weeks to creating motion graphics video content at no cost to anyone who’s interested. See here for your videos – This was our small token of appreciation as we’re a unique company and privileged to have the capability to work safely from our homes. We’re expanding our contribution to the graduates of 2020 with a graduation video at no cost to you.

  Graduation is an unforgettable and memorable experience. That same experience we all reminisce about is unable to take place for this year’s graduates. It’s not only a memorable experience but it’s also a right of passage for the students and the parents. This closure is essential to take the next big steps in a recent graduate’s life and career.

We want to offer our services, at no cost, to create a custom graduation video for every school that wants to participate. What does this mean exactly? Freshwater’s creative team is making a video to help showcase and celebrate this year’s graduates. Our idea is to have Principals, and/or Superintendents, from each school read from the same message that we will edit together, and optionally provide a short message directly to your own graduating class. 

The goal of our video is to help connect the school, teachers, and students to help celebrate their accomplishments. The video can be shared through email, on social media, on your website, however you see fit.

Below is a link the to brief we ask you to fill out. In return, we’ll deliver you a video via email to use however you’d like. We’re not asking for any money, just the chance to help.

Email with your submission.