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Safer Shopping through Digital Signage

May 18, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Safer Shopping through Digital Signage

Digital welcome screens help you communicate with your customers, employees, and stakeholders during these difficult and challenging times. COVID-19 has changed how we communicate, specifically at the entrance of retail, grocery, warehouses, and offices.

While living in these unpredictable times every trip to the store comes with new precautions the safe shopper must consider. Family grocery trips are a thing of the past, people are avoiding each other more than ever, and simple greetings at a pass are now just smiles through a mask. Upon approaching any store; you’re overwhelmed by countless signs, sharing the latest rules, regulations, and requirements.

Due to COVID-19 the common grocery trip we’ve all grown up with, and are accustomed to, will now be affected.

The Shopper Experience
For some, these times have allowed them to take advantage of the newer online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery services many stores have begun offering. This is a great solution! Unfortunately, these solutions are not accessible to all. Many elderly or others, who may have compromised immune systems, are still planning their weekly grocery trips. This event leads any individuals hesitant to risk exposure.

Many wonder if they will even be able to find the items they are in need of due to the ever-declining inventory of products being purchased in bulk out of fear. Shopping could increase their exposure risk, as well as, others. As they walk through the store for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other essentials, just to discover the risk was sadly not worth the reward.

During one of my more recent trips to a local store, I noticed a newer sign as I entered. It was a message to customers that addressed this very issue. This sign allowed customers in need of such essentials, to reduce their risk before even entering the store!

Retail COVID-19 Sign

Reducing the Risk
Freshwater Digital is in the business of finding digital solutions for signage and messaging, amongst many other talents. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, we’ve been brainstorming on ways our signs can assist our clients and yours. As well as, to enhance the shopping experience. This sign, while being a traditional whiteboard, sparked an additional messaging solution we are adding to our offerings for shopper safety; digital welcome screens.

While we have already begun working on other front-of-the-store signage solutions, this new digital welcome screen messaging will provide direct answers as you enter. It communicates to shoppers, whether or not their needed essentials are in stock. Managers or store employees will be able to update the front signage as inventory depletes in a timely, professional manner. As well as, communicate other important information regarding the latest policies. Our hope is to help reduce risk and help shoppers to stay safe, through these simple solutions. As well as, reduce waste from countless printed messages taped to your doors and windows.

The Resolution
Digital welcome screens are a useful tool for any business needing to communicate to customers and employees. Whether you manage a warehouse with daily changes to protocols and procedures or run a small office that wants to share steps to stay safe upon entering. Freshwater is here to do that in an eye-catching way that also helps reduce unnecessary foot traffic.

Read about our solutions on Sixteen Nine!

Our Solutions
We’re a hardware and software agnostic digital signage company. We first and foremost listen to your needs and then provide you with a technology solution that solves that need and meets your budget requirements. We’re in the business to provide valuable tools and high-end content to our customers to help any of their communication needs.

We also can’t forget about digital tags. Our digital tag solutions replace the need for paper signage on shelves. This solution not only drastically saves on printing costs and labor but can be tied into an automated omnichannel experience for inventory management between digital signage and the tags.

Stay safe out there & remember to be graceful to each other.

Author: Ali Ahrens

**Any statements regarding the health and well being of customers, employees, and people in general are opinions. Always consult a medical professional regarding your health.**

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