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Helping Libraries Reopen

May 27, 2020 Alyssa Ahrens

Helping Libraries Reopen

Libraries are an incredible asset to local communities and their offerings are highly beneficial. Libraries offer far more than just books in this day and age. The freedom of information allows patrons to research, learn, and expand their knowledge. Public libraries also provide technology to those who need it, group classes, storytimes, community outreach programs, and so much more. During this pandemic, we’re currently unable to attend libraries (contingent on where you live). We’re offering, in collaboration with our partner TeamOne, library digital displays to scan temperatures, communicate the latest policies, and provide a tool to safely and efficiently communicate to patrons. We want to do our part to help libraries reopen to the public.

Library Display
Technology – Temperature Scanning

As public buildings transition back to opening their doors to everyone comes a significant challenge – a balance between providing essential services and maintaining a safe environment to do so. Having a lean staff is already prominent in this industry and asking to have someone stand at the door with a temperature scanner is challenging, to say the least. We want to offer a relatively inexpensive technology solution that removes the need for hands-on labor. Our technology offerings provide a seamless approach to checking employees and patrons upon entering libraries.

Temperature Scan Digital Display for Libraries
Technology – Communications Tool

While temperature scanning is currently an essential tool, we do believe in providing a longer-term solution. It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the near and distant future as it relates to this pandemic. However, we can guarantee communicating with patrons will always be a need for libraries.

A digital display as you enter the library can communicate a wide variety of information. See our top lists of use cases below.

  • Latest PPE and policies regarding the current pandemic
  • Welcoming everyone with a daily greeting
  • Event information (manual or automated feeds)
  • Inventory updates on available rentals (tablets, entertainment, etc.)
  • An interactive experience for kids
  • Promote library initiatives
  • Community resources
Policies and Procedures

Effective communication with patrons is extremely challenging. Not everyone receives the email updates, sees the social media posts, or receives mail. However, everyone walks through the front door(s). Digital displays can take the efforts already used online and automatically feed to your displays, to an individual location, or to entire districts. This removes the additional labor costs and provides a seamless approach to communicating with all patrons.

Manual entering of information can be easy as well. Digital displays run off the cloud and can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection and a browser. Templates can be custom setup so that you can easily type in the latest information and be seen within seconds on the display.

Welcome to the Library

In previous years, it may have seemed impersonal to not greet patrons as they enter the library. During these difficult and unprecedented times, it may be more appropriate to greet guests virtually. This may reduce the risk to library staff as we transition to the new normal.

Event Information

Libraries provide incredible learning events from children reading with non-judgmental dogs to community bonding programs. The amount of events is impressive but with that scale comes communicating each and every event. All of these events have a wide variety of audiences that all receive information differently. Library digital displays with automated or manual feeds of events in the entryway can remind and reinforce the information to patrons.

Inventory Updates

Libraries never cease to amaze me with their offerings. I’ve seen our local libraries have anything from vinyl records to kayaks and everything in-between. The more you offer the more difficult it can be to communicate what’s available. Displays can provide that information as soon as they enter. The patron entering the library can then know immediately if what they’re there for is available. This saves both the patron and the library staff precious time.

Interactive Experience

Most people have fond memories hanging out in the library with family and friends. There’s always something fun and obviously educational happening. Kids are technology experts, why not give them another fun resource to learn from?


Libraries and their staff deserve all the credit for their hard work. Utilizing a display in your front entryway allows you to communicate what you’re working on and provide transparency to tax dollar spending. Transparency is essential for a public institution.

Community Resources

One of the most important and often overlooked library offerings is their community resources. Libraries provide resources that make a significant impact on the local community. Resources include employment, business, mental health, seniors, disabilities, and much much more. These resources are not commonly known in some areas. Library digital displays can help showcase and bring awareness to these vital offerings while still maintaining privacy.

Library Digital Display Resources
Communication to Your Audience

Digital displays have a place in nearly every industry. Libraries in particular benefit from awareness to patrons and reducing labor costs for a more streamlined patron experience. Digital displays can and always should be used to help communicate and increase efficiencies.

Authors: Jon Dodge and Ben Kaluski

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