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Healthcare Digital Tags

Healthcare Digital Tags

Healthcare digital tags can replace those pesky paper signs that are taped on patient room doors. Paper signs are not only an expensive ongoing cost but typically get forgotten or simply fall to the ground.

Isolation and Patient Precautions

Healthcare facilities and hospitals typically have paper signs placed on patient room doors that display isolation and patient precautions. These can include anything from patients who are fall risk to particular isolation precautions on infectious patients. These signs can also include personal protective equipment (PPE) standard operating procedures (SOP’s). This helps not only the staff take proper precautions but also visitors of the patients. These signs are critical at reducing the spread of infections throughout the hospital and community. That leaves the question – why have a taped paper sign on the door and not an automated process?

Labor and Automation

Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff are some of the hardest working people in the world and deserve far more praise than they receive. They have so much to think about and focus on throughout their shift that a paper sign on a door shouldn’t be what keeps them safe. They could also use every extra minute they can get to focus on their jobs and ideally take essential breaks. We also can’t forget EMT’s and transport personnel as well. They often receive limited information about the patient before entering the room and preparing for transport.

Isolation Precautions

Digital tags can display all of these essential communications, all while not needing a power or data line to keep it easy and flexible. Digital tags can also integrate with electronic health/medical record databases (EHR/EMR) through an API. These integrations can automatically pull in the necessary information of patient precautions from the system healthcare workers are utilizing throughout their shift. This automation can also change the display when a precaution changes throughout the patient’s stay. The data transferred can be protected under strict HIPAA regulations as well to protect confidential patient information.

Video Example – Assisted Living
More Use Cases

Assisted living, nursing homes, doctors offices, and various other healthcare facilities can utilize digital tags for more than just precautions.

  • Emergency Alerts – Automate emergency communication to the small displays
  • Medication Alerts – Integrate and automate notifications of medication administration times
  • Event Information – Show residents and patients their upcoming events and programs available
  • Daily Information – Communicate the latest policies or even simple messaging such as weather and calendars
  • Cleaning Procedures – Tags can show the room has been cleaned or even light up an LED to say it still needs cleaning to help communicate with the cleaning/sanitation staff
Hospital Digital Tag

These small digital tag displays can take the burden of printing signs and keeping up with communication signage off of essential staff, such as nurses. We have experienced people on our team that had careers in healthcare, including a former EMT and a Community Director in geriatric care.

Contact our tag Master Zack to learn more – or (616) 419-2230.

Authors: Jon Dodge and Ben Kaluski