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Custer Interactive Video Wall

Custer Interactive Video Wall


Custer is a Grand Rapids, MI based company providing workplace design, custom solutions, and interior remodels. With locations throughout Michigan and Indiana, their subsidiary companies round out full-service solutions for their clients including smart workplace solutions through technology. Freshwater Digital often partners with CS Erickson, a Custer Family company specializing in integrated technology solutions, on digital signage solutions for their clients.

Custer’s Interactive Video Wall was a particularly interesting project – a multi-year engagement initiative as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most interesting part: how the technology melded together to create a completely custom solution. As demonstrated in the video, the technology consisted of a 1 by 3 video wall that became interactive through a smaller Elo touch  screen display powered by a ComQi media player. 

The technology is intended to provide two distinct solutions. First, scheduled content automatically rotates on the displays when the interactive portion of the technology is not being utilized. This serves as a welcome screen when guests enter their downtown location. The second purpose is to drive on-demand content during a showroom tour. The smaller Elo touch screen houses a content menu that can be selected and played in real-time, helping support the tour agenda or answering potential questions. 

Much of the content was API driven. For instance, Custer can identify and display the locations of all their delivery trucks when activating the content template that shows the vehicles live. The content template is coded to pull the appropriate information, which is then populated through engaging, attractive content. The system is flexible in that the content can be modified over time or new content can be added when needed.

Author: Jon Dodge, COO