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Reflecting on Freshwater’s Growth

September 9, 2021 Alyssa Ahrens

Reflecting on Freshwater’s Growth

As Freshwater enters its eleventh year of business, we often find ourselves focusing on our day-to-day and the future, yet not spending time reminiscing on our growth over the last decade. Our 10th anniversary celebration plans were overshadowed by the uncertainties of 2020, and like many, our team that was forced to connect remotely. As a small business that manages projects for a majority of the Fortune 500 Companies in West Michigan, leads digital tag innovation in North America, and continues to win business from the titans of our industry, we wanted to reflect on the accomplishments and the passion that made Freshwater who we are today.

When Matt Downey started Freshwater in 2010, his vision for the business was simple; Freshwater would be the single resource for companies who wanted to successfully start and manage a digital signage network. We would navigate all the elements needed for a successful network, and we would do so in a way that was specific to each customers’ needs. Eleven years later, we have stayed true to that mission, and this consistent approach has fueled our growth. 

By staying focused on solutions that meet their specific challenges, we have never lost a single client due to performance. Each solution we deliver is meticulously evaluated and tested to ensure success. With this, Freshwater’s success follows. We wholeheartedly believe in this approach, and we have yet to be proven wrong. 

In 2018, Freshwater was awarded Top 50 Businesses to Watch in Michigan by Governor Rick Snyder. This happened in the midst of moving into our third office space to manage our team’s growth. Just last month, we were awarded the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Even with our double-digit, year-over-year growth, we couldn’t have done it without our partners, our clients, and our passion!

With little to no inventory on the products we sell, clients remaining remote, and continued market uncertainty, 2021 has given us a new set of challenges. However, the partnerships and relationships we have built over the last decade have allowed us to navigate these challenges and likely deliver yet another record year for Freshwater.

Although it’s been 11 years, this is just the beginning.

Author: Jon Dodge, COO

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