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Protect Your Digital Signage Network With Freshwater Digital’s Standout Tech Support

May 24, 2022 LaFleur Marketing

Protect Your Digital Signage Network With Freshwater Digital’s Standout Tech Support

How was your last experience with tech support? Did you wait in the caller queue for hours, get transferred around, explain your issue several times, tell them that you already restarted the device, and end up getting frustrated over what should have been a quick fix?

This will never happen at Freshwater Digital. Unlike many of our competitors, Freshwater Digital has an in-house support team.

Why? Because a positive support experience to be crucial to customer satisfaction and digital signage success.

5 Ways Freshwater Digital’s In-House Tech Support Makes a Difference for Our Clients

Unsupported digital signage networks are, in most cases, doomed to fail. Troubleshooting issues usually stops after a few basic steps, and sometimes the signage is declared “broken,” when further investigation could have identified and solved the issue.

The health of a digital signage network depends on its functionality—which means tech support should be excellent. We’re proud of the lengths our team goes to in order to support our clients. In this blog, we break down steps we take to ensure the success of your digital signage network.

1. Our Experts Are Just a Phone Call Away

When you choose to work with Freshwater Digital, experts are at-hand and ready to help resolve any issue you might have. So, when you need to troubleshoot, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

2. We Continually Monitor Your Networks for Issues

The support team steps in at the end of installation to ensure the screens continue to function as expected. Once the installation is complete, our support team members begin to continuously monitor the networks, troubleshoot screen and player issues, and keep track of open problems.

In the vast majority of cases where there is a problem, the Freshwater team uncovers the issue before the customer is aware of them. In these situations, we let the client know about the issue and present a solution at the same time.

And because our support team is in-house, we work with our clients’ teams, who keep us in the loop when there’s scheduled remodels, maintenance work, or any other situations impacting our signage networks. This might seem like a small factor, but it saves both us and our clients from mistakenly thinking that scheduled maintenance or an unused screen is an emergency outage.

3. Our Tech Support Teams Understands the History of Your Digital Signage

Unlike third party support teams, which are common in the industry, our digital signage support team has the background knowledge of how the signage was installed, how the content should look, and the ability to quickly connect with the teams responsible for each component. As a result, our tech support is responsive, informed, and effective.

4. Our Instruction Matches Your Level of Comfort

Our support team members have a background in customer service—communicating with clients with attention to their needs comes easily.

Part of what makes our approach so effective is that our team takes the individual’s comfort level with technology into account when we troubleshoot. Whether working with a veteran IT administrator, or a teenage team member on the sales floor, we tailor our instructions to the individual we’re working with.

Different networks require vastly different approaches as well. At a small-town pizzeria in Kalkaska, Michigan, we tend to communicate directly with the business owner. At one location of a nationwide grocery chain, we are likely to work with one of hundreds of team members. We support both with the same exceptional level of service, but the conversations sound very different.

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5. We Continually Monitor the Hardware’s Physical Condition

This is an entirely separate undertaking than the standard software-based monitoring, which cannot alert us to physical problems with a display. Proactive check-ins prevent us from being caught off guard by failing hardware, allowing Freshwater to have a solution in place before the situation becomes a crisis.

We use the best hardware for the project in every case, which means there’s often a wide variety of equipment to support; our team keeps up to date with hardware and software updates for each type of player and screen our clients use. Plus, we have a continual hardware monitoring support system in place that combines data from all networks we support in real time so if there’s an issue, we catch it quickly.

Rest assured, we do the research to have the best possible hardware each project requires, and we know how to support it.

For Standout Support, Call Freshwater Digital

Standout support plays a key role in the Freshwater turn-key solution, ensuring the functional longevity of every client’s network.

Our excellent customer service, technical knowledge, quick internal communication, professional external communication, and proactive approach sets support at Freshwater Digital above the rest.

If you’re ready for this level of support, shoot us an email at [email protected] We’re ready to jump in and get your signage network going!

Author: Ryan Winkler